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Explore the bitcoin financial platform PlantCoin: The app has gained 4000 global investors in six months since its launch

Press ReleaseExplore the bitcoin financial platform PlantCoin: The app has gained 4000 global investors in six months since its launch

Bitcoin, as the No.1 wealth maker, has risen 10 million times in more than 10 years, creating countless billionaires. Even so, bitcoin, as the first application of cryptocurrency, is still considered to be the most valuable asset for investment, and it continues to be favored by the world’s top investment institutions.

It has shown much more advanced features in cross-border remittances and special transactions than the current payment system. Such as the super fast speed of transfer in a few minutes, the low transfer cost and limited supply. The number of 50 million wallets is a sign of global recognition.

Although the price of bitcoin has reached a record high again, many people are still optimistic about it and want to continue to hold bitcoin for a long time, but storing bitcoin in the wallet for a long time wastes its circulation value. This is the biggest problem that puzzles many bitcoin and even other digital currency investors.

PlantCoin, which focuses on bitcoin investment and financial management, is a good news for bitcoin investors.

Bitcoin investors can lend bitcoin to arbitrage funds with certain profitability through PlantCoin while holding the currency, so as to get an extra high return of up to 10% annually, doubling the investment income of bitcoin.

PlantCoin is not only highly profitable, but also highly secure.

First of all, PlantCoin designs different risk levels similar to structured trust, which effectively reduces the risk of investors.

Secondly, the risk control mode similar to “futures” is adopted. That is, the borrower transfers bitcoin to PlantCoin’s regulatory account, and then PlantCoin transfers the investor’s bitcoin to this regulatory account, and then provides it to the borrower for trading. This ensures that all bitcoin uses of the borrower are under the supervision of the PlantCoin, and effectively ensures that the borrowed bitcoin is repaid on time.

Thirdly, PlantCoin also introduced a risk reserve plan to ensure that principal and interest can be paid on time in extreme cases.

Six months after its official launch, it has won the favor of more than 4000 global bitcoin investment users

PlantCoin was founded in 2018. Before the app was launched, PlantCoin had been operating offline business for more than one year. The accumulated loan amount exceeded 2500 btc, and there was no bad debt, which verified the safety and reliability of its business model.

It is also because of more than one year of offline operation experience that PlantCoin has gained the favor of over 4000 bitcoin investors in the world including the United States, Malaysia, Indonesia and so on in just six months after it was launched.

Analyzing bitcoin and PlantCoin, “good products speak for themselves” may be the best explanation for their rapid development.

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