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Environment Ministry secretary general of Malaysia “NEC link to the future of new energy to change the world,” to promote renewable energy development cooperation

FinanceEnvironment Ministry secretary general of Malaysia "NEC link to the future of new energy to change the world," to promote renewable energy development cooperation

August 25th afternoon, Environment Ministry secretary general of Malaysia of Mr.Mohd Faiiz Attended the “NEC link to the future of new energy to change the world”conference, which is the first project service in the field of new energy ecological, and launched in Kuala Lumpur.NEC director of the asia-pacific Mr.Dylan Tan, Malaysia adviser to Mr.Joel Chow, and the market and many Malaysian attendees also be invited.

Mr. Mohd. Fariz, secretary general of the ministry of environment extended a warm welcome to all the guests.Mr. Mohd. Fariz said: “Malaysia has rapid economic growth over the past decades, it has transformed into a newly industrialized country with the rapid development of industry and commerce. As for the large-scale development and utilization of natural resources, the consumption has increased dramatically followed by environmental pollution. Energy and industrial development comply with that“2017-2030 implementation of clean energy technology”, the goal of this plan is to promote high technology.The implementation of clean technologies is one of the measures taken by the Malaysian government to strengthen environmental protection. We are vigorously developing a green economy and actively seeking cooperation and support from the international community to create the “New energy Malaysia”

Mr. Mohd Fariz pointed out that in the past 10 years, the international new energy technology exhibition held every year has made remarkable progress in our new energy industry, which has brought about the growth of new business. However, the development is relatively slow, and environmental improvement is imperative.

NEC Asia Pacific community director Mr.Dylan Tan said NEC is a global new energy Shared ecological value. We choose Malaysia as our largest overseas market it is for the global ecological consensus strategy layout, also in order to be able to reach 45% of Malaysia’s carbon dioxide emissions reduction targets by 2030.We choose the first big market for our overseas in Malaysia, is the company strategic deployment and investigation in this two years, the new energy sector in Malaysia is obtained under the government’s strong support and attach great importance to condense ecological consensus, the value of cooperation with various enterprises, promote the transformation of energy and economic”.

Mr. Dylan Tan mainly revealed the technical process about the NEN Chain, it was  set up after nearly one year of development and entering in the final tests now. Mr. Dylan Tan also announced that NEN Chain V2.0 version will be launched on August 26, 2019. V2.0 will ensure NEC to keep moving forward with a wide range of audiences. At the same time, in order to better benefit the users who participate in the promotion process, it will also make new adjustments in the business model and maintain the high-speed development trend.

In the promotion and implementation of clean energy technology market in Malaysia, Mr. Joel Chow put forward the market view of “new energy changes the world, NEC links the future”. He said that blockchain technology has become the first major trend of technological development in southeast Asia, and the implementation of clean energy technology is to promote the ecological value of new energy combining with NEN Chain blockchain technology, which can improve the environment, enable market staff to participate in the construction and development of new energy ecology, promote Malaysia’s energy and economic transformation, and achieve the clean, low-carbon and sustainable development.

The NEC sharing the global new energy ecological project in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is a new opportunity to promote the development of renewable energy. Malaysian government has ready for renewable energy development plan, to leading clean energy in ASEAN, Mr. Mohd Fariz on behalf of the environment ministry to the Malaysia “NEC link to the future of new energy to change the world,” successful launched!

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