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DreamsPainter now paints portraits to remember those who have loved and lost during COVID-19

Press ReleaseDreamsPainter now paints portraits to remember those who have loved and lost during COVID-19

Indianapolis, Indiana –By adding deceased relative to photo and paint it into an oil portrait,  DreamsPainter now provides this particular service to help clients memorize their lost beloved one during COVID-19.

Before the invention of photography, people used a painted portrait to display the appearance of someone. As photography became affordable and noted in the world, families are having less association with painters for priceless family moments. Nevertheless, fashion goes around in circles. Thanks to DreamsPainter, painted portrait is back.

DreamsPainter now paints portraits to remember those who have loved and lost during COVID-19

DreamsPainter started in an Indianapolis studio from 2011. With devoted 200 artists who are some of the respected professionals in the industry, DreamsPainter started to paint professional portraits for clients. They custom-make exclusive compilation portraits, which gives clients a chance to stitch multiple photographs together into one portrait. A digital designer uses professional photo software to combine different subjects together, then a designated artist paints the photo into a one and only oil portrait for corresponding client. When an 8-year-old girl punctures her mommy right in the heart: “mama, it’s not fair that I will never get to meet Grandma”, the woman can now flawlessly add them together on the portrait. DreamsPainter also recovers any broken photos and brings the characters back to life with the lifelike art work.

“I love the way the final painting came out. I cried when I saw my oldest daughter who passed away from coronavirus in 2020 holding my grandbaby who was born this year,” said corresponding client Maria Waters. “It is a birthday gift for my youngest daughter, the mother of my grandbaby. I know she is going to love it.”

Portraiture can be priceless because it tells audiences the story behind the subject. When people choose to paint, they make decisions about what to remember in their life. DreamsPainter intends to deliver something more than just hand painted portraits but an experience that honors some of life’s invaluable moments. Connect with DreamsPainter on Instagram and Facebook. For more information, visit

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