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Dreamer Finance is exploring the deep changes in the future financial form

Press ReleaseDreamer Finance is exploring the deep changes in the future financial form

In recent years, the trend of financial industry reform is surging. It is not difficult for those who pay attention to the financial field to find that this change is becoming more and more intense with the rise and outbreak of decentralized Finance (DeFi).

The Financial Industry, injecting blood and spirit into our society and supported its stably development .However, the century old traditional finance has been criticized in many aspects.

At the end of 2008, a white paper signed by Satoshi Nakamoto named “ Bitcoin, a peer-to peer e-cash system” was launched. It has quietly changed the pattern of traditional finance dominating the world, and the blockchain technology behind it has fundamentally solved many pain points criticized in the past from a technical point of view.

Ethereum launched by Vitalik Buterin in 2014 is optimized on the basis of Bitcoin,It provides an complete internal Turing scripting language for developers to build any smart contract or transaction type that can be accurately defined, which greatly improves the scalability of blockchain and makes decentralized application possible.

Dreamer Finance is exploring the deep changes in the future financial form

Over the past decade, blockchain technology has developed steadily, and the infrastructure has been basically built and improved. Various decentralized applications (dApps) deployed on various blockchains emerge one after another. Some superstar’s applications lead the development of the industry and force the continuous maturity of technology.

In the past two years, the DeFi applications had broke out ,it is represented by LP mining , and the whole market TVL rushed to an amazing more than 240 billion US dollars. Subsequently, the rise of NFT applications linked traditional business and gave birth to Gamefi, Socialfi and “Metaverse” in Play to Earn mode….., now decentralized finance has become a climate. At this time, practitioners of traditional finance finally recovered, began to understand the emerging technology and business model of blockchain, and quickly entered the field.

The weakness of current Decentralized Finance( DeFi)

DeFi is undoubtedly the future, but because DeFi is based on blockchain technology, and although the blockchain is relatively perfect, it still belongs to the primary stage of development. The characteristics of the technology determine that the data between various chains cannot be exchanged and shared,Therefore, one public chain after another has emerged. In addition to BTC and ETH, there are many public chains such as BSC, Fantom, Cosmos, Tron and EOS, which have developed different ecosystems and applications, resulting in the special dispersion of current DeFi applications.The basic public chain is dispersed and the application functions are more dispersed, forming a value island.

Dreamer Finance is emerged as the times require

Dreamer Finance stands on the shoulders of giants, gives full play to the expertise of financial practitioners, and integrates on the basis of mature DeFi applications.Choose Binance Smart Chain , the best cost performance and scalability public blockchain to deploy their smart contract, The self-developed cross chain bridge and public chain will be introduced at the first time to realize multi chain deployment and value interflow .

At the same time, the introduction of followers makes the DAO community more cohesiveness. Whether it is LP mining, or decentralized trading, NFT, DAO governance or other financial derivatives, it becomes simpler and more flexible.Let participants experience various DeFi products in the same ecosystem, make the community KOL a real leader, and lead the members of the DAO community to form a decentralized and cohesive DAO organization.

Dreamer Finance adopts the general token issue system and distribution model in line with the law of economic development,This system and model have been verified to be successful in East Asia, South Asia and Eastern Europe,Its excellent actuarial model plays a vital role,It has tens of millions of user base, community resources, educational resources and self-media channels.Now Dreamer Finance uses this series of complex algorithms to conduct distributed storage and smart contract verification of logic code through IPFS system.Ensure that the algorithm is open, transparent and can not be saved and changed, and completely eliminate the “black box” in which users do not know the details in the traditional financial field.

Fission of followers will brings a highly sticky DAO community

DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization, which is represented by the rules of computer coding program.The procedure is transparent, controlled by all DAO members and not affected by the central organization.Each member of the DAO can issue proposals and vote to make decisions. The governance token is used to represent main values, and the vote with the highest amount at the end of a specified period wins.This mechanism has three advantages: 1. Fast and borderless business decision-making; 2. Equal voting rights in decision-making within the organization; 3. Cannot tamper with rules.

However, the current DAO has another fatal disadvantage, that is completely decentralized and has no system, resulting in no stickiness at the system level.DAO proposals and voting depend on the enthusiasm of members, but because voting requires value mortgage and consumption, DAO members are unwilling to participate in voting without their own interests. This limits the base number of voters and the time that voters must actually complete the assigned tasks.

Dreamer Finance inherits the advantages of DAO, use “fission of followers” to build the community , to let some nodes in the originally completely decentralized DAO form a small community of KOL, which can drive a considerable range of DAO  members’ activities and affect their behavior, In this way, effective competition and active guidance are formed on the basis of open, transparent and tamper proof rules, so as to make the goal of DAO  members clearer.

NFT carries more value of DAO community

In the world of blockchain, non fungible token, i.e. NFT, has the function of carrying personalized value.NFT is the materialization of DAO’s  rights. It can become the asset “entity” of data content by linking and mapping any data content on the chain, so as to realize the value flow of data content.

The code can confirm the rights of users by identifying NFT,The material basis, symbolic basis and cultural basis of human communication are undergoing major changes, and the NFT boom is bound to open up a new look of human civilization.

Dreamer Finance found that the core of NFT lies in the asset rights and social identity of the trusted bearer.This kind of reproduction of the underlying logic of the benchmarking real world allows any user to participate in creation and ensures the fruits of labor.Therefore, in dreamer finance ecology, user interaction has been redesigned to make the casting and use of NFT easier:Users can express the personalized label produced by NFT in the simplest way through the instant casting of avatar NFT and nickname NFT;With the NFT of the most intuitive DAO community logo, users can directly feel the stickiness of NFT to the community,At this time, NFT is more like a ticket to the real world.

Dreamer Finance is committed to building a sound financial infrastructure with social attributes, integrating into the financial industry through the inherent collection attributes, rights attributes and use attributes of NFT, and helping the financial industry complete the ultimate transformation.

In briefly speaking, NFT can be web 3 0 form of financial application provides the most core value transfer solution. Dreamer finance, as an infrastructure provider in the financial sector,take advanced blockchain technology and mature consensus algorithm as the bottom layer, support multi chain operation and cross chain integration, and build a full scenario application ecological platform,It will cover personalized labels, group consensus, digital works of art, Dao social games, digitization of physical assets, etc.Lead the transformation of DAO into a sticky world. This is not only a new hot spot in the global capital market, but also the direction of future development.

Technical highlights of Dreamer Finance

  • Asset issuance system in line with the law of economic development. Smart contracts accurately record and automatically implement rules, which cannot be tampered with.
  • Match social applications with fission relationship and guide the establishment of sticky autonomous organizations with KOL. Take NFT as the starting point to build a platform of native NFT interaction based at web 3.0,  It enables NFT to create new behavioral and economic models through product and social interaction.
  • Integrating the V2 model of Uniswap: a DEX industry leader, allows users to complete the circulation of pass value in one stop, and initiate two-way different transaction tax rates to allow beneficiaries to feed the DAO community by themselves.
  • An agreement to help creators interact with the DAO community. By segmenting products, various IP can efficiently organize activities and generate value.
  • Mutual achievement agreement gives more reasonable value to the behavior on the chain. Providers can get more benefits through online contribution.

Dreamer Finance, dream chaser of the DeFi world, let’s go!

The initiator of Dreamer Finance is a practitioner in the traditional financial industry. He has rich experience in the operation of a variety of financial products and has also participated in many popular blockchain projects. Now, Dreamer Finance, union with global financial elites and blockchain geeks, will burst out great energy with two-way energy blessing.

Dreamer Finance is committed to creating a fair and inclusive financial platform for human. It is an operator in the fields of DeFi mining, DAO community and NFT, and creates a powerful development platform for various possible application scenarios of Finance in the future,Although the current financial market is complicated, this does not affect Dreamer Finance’s efforts on the journey.More importantly, dreamer finance has planned a beautiful blueprint for future finance.We expect Dreamer Finance’s all encompassing concept to be implemented in Web3 0 era to create real value and build a brilliant new financial future.

About Dreamer Finance

Dreamer Finance is a decentralized financial aggregation platform driven by blockchain technology and DAO community. It is now deployed on the Binance Smart Chain (it will be deployed through cross chain bridge in the future). It represents the future financial form, integrates a variety of mature central and decentralized financial products, and embeds the way of community fission in combination with DAO governance, carry value through NFT, become a decentralized SocialFi infrastructure based on DAO and NFT, and realize diversified ecological value circulation through various financial derivatives.

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