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Donald Trump, British Royal Family, Cuttlefish: Your Thursday Briefing

EntertainmentDonald Trump, British Royal Family, Cuttlefish: Your Thursday Briefing

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Good morning.

We’re covering the easing of hostilities between the U.S. and Iran, and the many questions surrounding the deadly plane crash outside Tehran. Our Travel section has also released its annual list of 52 Places to Go.

A Persian speaker on Malachy’s team, Nilo Tabrizy, talked with an Instagram user who had posted images of the wreckage. Other accounts and witness videos also helped our team to determine that the plane was on fire with its wings attached as it rapidly descended.

And by mapping the photos and analyzing structural damage and blood splatter on the ground, the team confirmed that the plane was turning back toward the airport when it crashed — crucial information in the still-developing account of what happened.

Now they’re mapping where debris landed and working with our reporter James Glanz and other aviation experts to analyze the clues.

When Nilo called her relatives in Iran to check on them, they told her not to be so “Western.” “Don’t worry!” they said. They had, after all, lived through the Iran-Iraq war.

That’s it for this briefing. See you next time.

— Chris

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Mark Josephson and Eleanor Stanford provided the break from the news. Andrea Kannapell, the briefings editor, wrote today’s Back Story. You can reach the team at [email protected].

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