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Coronavirus, Antibody Tests, Nova Scotia: Your Monday Briefing

EntertainmentCoronavirus, Antibody Tests, Nova Scotia: Your Monday Briefing

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Good morning.

We’re covering the state of coronavirus testing in the U.S., a deadly shooting in Canada, and the death of the wildlife photographer Peter Beard.

Saying that the coronavirus pandemic requires an urgent response, the Food and Drug Administration has allowed about 90 companies, many based in China, to sell antibody tests that are intended to indicate whether people may have built immunity to the coronavirus but that haven’t been vetted by the government.

The agency has since warned that some of those businesses are making false claims about their products, and health officials in the U.S. and abroad have found other tests to be deeply flawed.

What was your previous reporting on location data about?

I was demonstrating the profound capabilities of location data and how intrusive it can be — many people are unaware of the fact that it is gathered at all. A lot of companies’ statements about location data are misleading. Saying the data is “anonymous” is not adequately conveying how much it can tell you about somebody, even if you don’t know his or her name. Companies should be willing to tell you exactly what they’re doing.

Why did those concerns not apply to the use of location data for this article?

There are a lot of privacy advocates I know who disagree with the idea that location data should be collected or stored at all.

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