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Possessor(s) is an eerily beautiful action sidescroller from Heart Machine Machine is working overtime. The studio...

Full of potential, but it’s going to be a while

At I/O 2024, Google’s teaser for ...

Congratulations to the Global Consensus of the Initial Heart Community for the Year of the Tiger

Press ReleaseCongratulations to the Global Consensus of the Initial Heart Community for the Year of the Tiger

Initial heart community was set up spontaneously by a group of blockchain industry veterans with the distributed concept of “Satoshi Nakamoto”, determined to build the world’s largest decentralized financial community focusing on the field of DeFi, popularize DeFi related knowledge for everyone free of charge, and help investors change from leek to banker.

Little Tiger Coin (CUB) is a decentralized community pass developed by the initial heart community based on TronChain (wave field chain), with a total issuance of 9,999 pieces (not to be issued), all of which are held by the output of community members. Community members will work together to create the first decentralized token in the Year of the Tiger in 2022, with an increase of over 10,000 times.

In the future, the initial heart community will build many ecosystems such as decentralized exchanges and offline business applications. Now you can get five core benefits by joining the initial community: *CUB appreciation benefit *TRX appreciation benefit * mobile pool fee benefit *CUB bid-ask spread benefit * decentralized exchange pledge benefit. In the initial heart community, give retail investors the opportunity to jointly build a village. Everyone in the community is a shareholder and everyone is a banker!

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