Published On: Mon, Dec 28th, 2020

Coinfans | Dialogue with Connectome Global Chief Operating Officer Samuel: How does the traditional AI industry catch the wave of blockchain, complete self-innovation and break the wall

December 23, 2020 18:00  (UTC+9), Samuel, Global Chief Operating Officer of Connectome, was a guest at Coinfans’ interview column, sharing on “How the traditional AI industry seizes the blockchain wave to complete self-innovation and break the wall” .

During the interview, Samuel shared the current development trend of the blockchain industry, how the traditional AI industry is innovating in the blockchain wave, and the development plan of the Connectome project.

The following are the core points of this interview:

Moderator: Welcome Connecotme Global Chief Operating Officer MR Samuel come to our interviews, give everyone to be a simple self-introduction.

Samuel: Hi, everyone. My name is Samuel. I have been mining Bitcoin since 2009. I am an early investor in Ethereum, Ripple, and TRON. Before joining the Connectome team, I have also been engaged in digital currency related work. I was previously a director of Hashgard and I also had blockchain-related entrepreneurial experience. Since 2015, I have a strong interest in artificial intelligence and big data, so I joined the Connectome team and led the exploration of the blockchain field in the Connecotme project.

Moderator: Thanks for the introduction. Can you briefly introduce the Connectome project and its future development direction?

Samuel: Let me introduce the Connectome project first. Connectome is a DeFi artificial intelligence advisory platform developed based on blockchain technology. It supports on-chain transactions and AI evaluation of decentralized finance (DeFi) derivatives, liquidity mining, one-click Robo-Advisor, intelligent customer service, etc. Through big data multidimensional analysis and AI model derivation, it provides users with a one-click, customized Robo-Advisor service and a full set of blockchain solutions for financial derivatives and investors.

Connectome is committed to building a distributed VHA (Virtual Human Agent) intelligent multi-ecosystem based on the underlying technology of the blockchain. This technology will provide solutions for decentralized finance (DeFi) and human-AI interaction. Connectome implements blockchain smart contracts and makes them “smarter”. It will break the barrier between the real world and virtual words, and bring a human-oriented interface; in addition, it will make the perfect combination of blockchain and Al a wise economic system.

In the future, Connectome will revolve around the traditional AI sector and the blockchain sector. In addition to the Connectome AI robo-advisor platform we have completed, in the future we will also build Connectome’s underlying public chain (CNTM Chain), ponyswapdApp application system, CNTM Network (resource collaborative open library), CNTM VHA-AI system, etc.

And further deepen the cooperation with the Ponyswap team, complete the Ponyswap brand upgrade, and create a new comprehensive platform around the decentralized pricing and trading of NFT assets. Exploit the global market and create a large platform of hundreds of millions.

Moderator: Thank you for your introduction to the Connectome project,

Connectome and Ponyswap have always maintained a good cooperative relationship. Based on this cooperative relationship, will the two parties have plans to explore new areas in the future? Can you share  with us?

Samuel: Yes, Connecotme and the Pony team jointly developed the Ponyswap platform, which is the PonyRun that everyone has learned about before. Ponyrun is currently undergoing a comprehensive brand upgrade, and will be renamed Ponyswap after the new upgrade.

At present, the price matching function of PonySwap oracle has been preliminarily improved, and all the trading functions of Uniswap can be realized. PonySwap can also realize the NFT asset transaction function that Uniswap cannot realize. It will realize safe and fast NFT assets such as global warrant assets, valuable assets, calligraphy and painting jewelry, intellectual property rights, expensive game assets, personalized assets, and assets with high value and high security requirements. Of decentralized pricing and transactions. At the same time, it will also develop mortgage lending functions based on the above assets. The goal is to become the world’s first in addition to realizing a general Token decentralized trading platform, it can also realize professional NFT pricing transactions, and mortgage NFT assets for credit financing Integrated platform.

In addition, the overall brand image will also be optimized and upgraded. During the upgrade process, the CNTM team will provide financial and technical support.

In addition to the product level, we will also increase marketing efforts, expand global influence, build communities worldwide, expand user base, and create a trillion-level market. Recently, we have also launched a global community operation officer recruitment campaign. Users from all countries can participate in the CNTM ecosystem, build a prosperous ecosystem, and share community rights.

Moderator: I am looking forward to the upgraded Ponyswap! It’s Christmas and New Year soon. Looking back on 2020, what progress has CNTM made in the traditional field and the blockchain field?

Samuel: In the traditional AI sector, our AI technology has gradually achieved breakthroughs, and the AI entity industry has become one of the top in Japan, and I will let you know that we are planning to list on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and the team members are currently negotiating. Related information will be synchronized to everyone as soon as possible, please continue to pay attention to our dynamics.In the field of the block chain, block chain Korean institutional investors to invest in Japan ForzaCapital AI smart investment consulting platform CNTM. Prior to this, CNTM had raised more than US$50 million in its first round of financing. The CNTM team plans to raise another $150 million by the second quarter of 2021.

Regarding the AI robo-advisory platform, CNTM has gradually realized multi-language module support, full support and public development of the ponyswap decentralized financial system, and the release of the Gateway protocol.In the past year, we have also been constantly trying and breaking through, breaking the inherent barriers of the traditional AI industry, combining with the development trend of DeFi, seeking self-innovation, and developing a decentralized robo-advisory platform. And the Pony team, Itochu to develop a Ponyswap platform in the global community outreach, the development of the United States, Japan, Europe, Asia and other international markets, creating hundreds of millions-level market.

Moderator: The last question is about project tokens. Please give us a brief description of CNTM’s token application ecology.

Samuel: Regarding the application ecology of CNTM project tokens, what I want to share with you is the future plan for CNTM tokens. Currently, part of CNTM token inflow Ponyswap platform pledge mining as well as the consumption of horse racing gas, so the number of tokens will eventually CNTM deflation to 10 million, then all users will be able to hold out the CNTM enjoy stake.  CNTM holders are shareholders, who can enjoy community autonomy, project income dividends and other rights. This is a major event for the Connectome project and all currency holders. We also want to maximize the sharing of community construction results among community users.