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China Ansun Angel Group’s Qiaofei Shop officially launched at BMW headquarters seeking benefit for women worldwide

BusinessChina Ansun Angel Group's Qiaofei Shop officially launched at BMW headquarters seeking benefit for women worldwide

On January 10, 2020 local time, Mr. Zhang Fan, the founder of China Ansun Angel Group and many outstanding dealer representatives of Ansun Angel Group gathered together in BMW headquarters in Munich, Germany to initiate the launching ceremony of “Qiaofei Shop” that subverted the social e-commerce industry, and completed its world’s first order on site. The unbleached Qiaofei bamboo fiber sanitary napkin from China is delivering health care in a foreign country!

Many people must be curious about what is “Qiaofei Shop”? At the press conference, Zhang Fan, the founder of China Ansun Angel Group said “Qiaofei Shop is an online sanitary napkin store which is mainly engaged in high-quality sanitary napkins, developed by Ansun Angel Group using LBS technology and WeChat mini-program as a carrier. It also contains a wide range of women’s personal care products. It broke through the restrictions of traditional store waiting for customers to come to your door and the barriers to entrepreneurship of no connections, no recourse, no opportunity. It creates an easy-to-reach, easy-to-retail, low-cost, high-guaranteed entrepreneurial option for ordinary entrepreneurs.

Customers only need to open WeChat and search for the “Qiaofei Shop” applet, the system can automatically recommend the nearby Qiaofei Shop, people purchase and place an order, the store manager or clerk will deliver the products to the door in person, introduce the products and relieve customers’ worries. It only requires the store manager to master the basic product demonstration and explanation skills, and do a good job in the basic works, so that they can easily serve the majority of female customers in the surroundings. Meanwhile, they also have the opportunity to obtain a steady stream of new customers online to reduce difficulty coefficient for women to start their own business.

At the press conference, the representative from the German headquarters of BMW Group said, “When it comes to Germany and BMW, everyone is most familiar with our spirit of craftsmanship. When we are producing and manufacturing a car, we are pursuing excellence in craftsmanship and comfort. This is also the same as Qiaofei Brand in China, I understand that our Qiaofei brand not only pursues women’s comfort in menstruation, but also actively disseminates the knowledge of reproductive health, and is committed to protecting the reproductive health of women worldwide.

Because we both have the ultimate pursuit of quality, our recognition of the quality and craftsmanship spirit of both enterprises explains why we have interaction. China Ansun Angel Group is a young company, its Qiaofei brand is a young brand, but the young brand has always been pursuing the ultimate quality, created unbleached Qiaofei sanitary napkins made from bamboo fiber, and derived a number of similar products, it has won the trust of many female compatriots and has become a leading brand in the field of women’s health in China.

Only people with the same frequency appreciate each other more, “I very much recognize  Qiaofei brand from China, which I see not only China’s pursuit and focus on product quality, but also I see the spectacular development of China’s outstanding brands! In recent years, China has presented its high standard manufacturing to the whole world, and a large number of users who love Chinese brands have also appeared in Germany. I hope that Qiaofei will become the ‘BMW’ in the eyes of women worldwide in the next few years, adhere to high quality, represent high quality, bring health care for women around the world!” said the representative from the German headquarters of the BMW Group.

With a good product, how can we better deliver the products to more people? Both BMW and Qiaofei focus on quality and service. Data shows that in the past six years, China Ansun Angel Group has gone from one person to a group of people, from one single room to a 5A office building with an area of 10000 square meters, from one trolley case to nearly 4000 Qiaofei sanitary napkin stores. It locates in women’s reproductive health, redefined sanitary napkin products which has innovated decades of white into bamboo yellow! And protected the health of thousands of women. In order to allow more women access to higher quality of sanitary napkins conveniently at an affordable price, drive more ordinary people with dreams to realize their entrepreneurial dreams, as well as to subvert the whole sanitary napkin industry, one major decision was made by China Ansun Angel Group at the strategic meeting at the end of 2019, “Qiaofei Shop” arises at the historic moment.

The 21st century is an era of rapid progress, an era of advanced technology, a leapfrog era, and an era of advancing with the times! In particular, the advent of the 5G era has put the global social environment and economic development on a broader path. China Ansun Angel Group conforms to the trend of the times, it laid out a bright future through “Qiao Fei Shop”, while bringing health to thousands of women, it will also bring great changes to the entire industry.

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