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Boston CEO’s Meng Xiaoni Delivered Keynote Speech At The Opening Of 421 Mining Pool Wet Season Festival

Press CEO’s Meng Xiaoni Delivered Keynote Speech At The Opening Of 421 Mining Pool Wet Season Festival

“Digital gold” Bitcoin is hot, Wet Season Festival carnival arrived

Bitcoin breaks through the important barrier in succession, hitting the record high. With the rise of the head mining pool, Bitcoin has long been the core asset allocation for top Wall Street institutions. Bitcoin’s tier 1 market, mining, is also a natural place to grab the blockchain dividend. The annual abundant water period is an opportunity cycle full of returns and variables for the mining industry, and experienced miners use it to reduce mining costs, so the festival is also known in the industry as the “Mining Double Eleven”.

Seize the momentum, change based on changes

As the CEO of, Meng Xiaoni delivered a keynote speech at the 2nd 421 Wet Season Festival and the Mining Ecology Conference. She shared her full interpretation of the current development opportunity from three points of view:

I. Changes in the mining industry

With the “change” and “unchanged” of mining industry as a cut-in point, Meng Xiaoni examined the geographical changes of the blockchain mining network with an open view. Since entering the era of Internet of Everything, the capacity base, market demand and investment enthusiasm showed good signs for the prosperity of the blockchain industry. Looking at the general trend of the rapid rise of the global blockchain industry, she took stock of the new changes in several industries. In the post-reform era, larger mining areas and green energy are leading the trends chart, starting from the POW model to the non-energy-oriented mining model.

II. changes based on changes

The product completes the concentrated burst in the update iteration, and the mining industry change cycle also shortens day by day. The blockchain industry has rapidly achieved self-innovation from 1.0 to 2.0. Now that Blockchain 3.0 has quietly come, blockchain application scene also extends to the various industries outside the financial sector, “change” is the eternal theme.

Blockchain mining is striding forward, and industry participants have never stopped exploring. Meng Xiaoni introduced as a professional platform created by global digital currency amateurs. constantly improves product services, focuses on R&D of wallet, mining pool and browser, performing extraordinarily in the market competition. has always been based on the principle of “serving users”, with three advantages of stability, professionalism and high efficiency. Not only it helps users to master the real-time computing power data management and other technologies, but it also has the core competitiveness to gain users’ trust by providing differentiated brand services.

In addition to that, on the basis of maintaining the present absolute competitive advantage, the new development requirements in the era of 3.0 and reshaping the product service logic and enhancing customer relationship differentiation ability through customer-focused, has carried out a series of thinking optimization and planning adjustments, and constantly introduced more powerful categories. In the process of continuous interaction and continuous learning, it gives full play to the existing advantages of wide scope of coverage and strong value expansion capacity, continuously outputs chain value for the industry and changes based on the changes.

In particular, put forward the development of the best quality, convenience, compatibility and innovation of the mining pool service, the traditional advantageous service browsers continuously broke through the update of their own version, combined with Martixport and UUEX and other financial partners to realize the financing of the mining industry, and jointly provided one-stop service of the whole cycle.

III. Key strategies for abundant water miners in 2021: spot and relocation strategy

In the end, in view of the new year’s opportunities and challenges brought by the abundant water period, Meng Xiaoni expressed her unique views in her speech: first, there is situation of the mine supply shortage during the abundant water period, and it is expected that by the end of the abundant water period, income per T mining is much higher than last year’s abundant water period. Second, this year’s power supply stability is more important than electricity prices, more sensitive. The cost per kilowatt-hour is about RMB 0.25. Finally, the mature model is used to calculate the trend of the hashrate increase in 2021, and the whole network’s hashrate is expected to reach 240E at the end of the abundant water period. The FPPS income per T is US$ 0.24-0.25, which is much higher than last year’s abundant water period, and the profit-making effect is remarkable. On top of that, in the context of a bull market, steady mining is more important than the pursuit of low-cost electricity.

On the basis of this strategy, of the 421 mining pool Wet Season Festival is prepared to provide users with generous preferential resources, and, as an escort during the abundant water period, continues to roll out multi-super benefits. The exclusive 5A abundant water custody mine at low price and with stable operation will put resources at the festival. In addition, there are some interesting activities such as summer tour in Yunnan, share US$ 6666 ETH welfare are prepared, it creates a cross-domain member experience together with the industry’s top brand Matrixport, and launches a super joint name VIP, so that users can enjoy the services of all products under the two brands.

Ecological convergence, win-win in abundant water

Focusing on the theme of “The future has come, the only constant is change”, CEO Meng Xiaoni, from the perspective of a technology-based and down-to-earth industry expert and customer companion, conveys to all the guests the core idea of “Return to the essence of customer service and create more value for customers” in terms of “change” trend and “coping” strategy. As Bitcoin becomes more widely accepted, further expansion of mining ecology is also the general trend, will firmly grasp abundant water period — the golden period which strongly aggregates mining ecology, and work together with users to achieve a win-win situation.

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