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Best Self-Improvement Books to Read Right Now

FashionBest Self-Improvement Books to Read Right Now

For those lucky enough to be quarantined at home right now, there’s a seemingly endless number of productive activities to fill the time. But after you’ve given yourself a gel mani, made your own fabric face mask, and taken up an at-home yoga practice, chances are you may be ready to plop on the couch for some mindless distraction. Rather than turning to Netflix or Instagram, we suggest giving yourself a break with one of these inspirational, ‘self-improvement books’.  

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Some of these self-help books have been around for years, while others are brand new to the scene, like Ruthie Lindsey’s There I Am or Tara Schuster’s Buy Yourself the F*cking Lilies. But no matter the title you choose, each one is thought-provoking and will shed light on new ways to transform your body, mind, spirit, and overall way of life — coronavirus or not. 

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