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Benefits of Wearing Masks for Protection From Infection

OtherBenefits of Wearing Masks for Protection From Infection

In the featured video data scientist Jeremy Howard explains why wearing masks could be a key strategy to reduce the spread of novel coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19), stop lockdowns, get the economy back on track and restore society back to normalcy. Howard, founder of fast.ai, a research institute dedicated to make Deep Learning more accessible spent eight years in management consulting at McKinsey & Company before that.

In the Czech Republic, wearing masks in public has been required for the whole country since March 18, 2020. Yet, in the U.S., health officials continue to advise the public against it. February 29, 2020, as COVID-19 cases accelerated, the U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams tweeted a message stating, “Seriously people — STOP BUYING MASKS!”

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