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On July 15, 2020, the Annual Serious Play Conference announced the winners of its International Serious Play Awards, in order to honor serious games for teaching, business, health awareness and advocacy.


Twelve games designed to build skills in STEM in K-12 and Preschool students have been cited for excellence in the 2020 International Serious Play Awards Program.

These games are designed to give educators a way to better engage their students in class, at the same time, inspire future scientists, engineers and mathematicians. In the K-12 STEM category.  See full list of winners here.

As a Pioneer in Children’s Smart Education Industry, Sindrax Technology was fortunate enough to be part of the competition and ended up winning International Serious Play Awards Gold Medal in Preschool STEM category.

International Serious Games Exchange Founded in 2009, the Serious Play Conference is a leadership conference for professionals who are exploring the use of game-based learning, sharing their experience and working together to shape the future of training and education.

Today, speakers from all parts of the globe share their knowledge and experience creating or using games or simulations in the corporation, classroom, healthcare institution, government, military and many other industries, offering tips on how to move game-based education programs ahead.  Attendees listen, share and participate actively in informal sessions and workshops.  Those working on games get input from the community.  Those going back to improve

Their own organizations take with them a network of professionals, allowing them to continue to discuss their own challenges and get input from peers. Serious Play Conference has become the best place to learn about and then continue to keep current on the rapid changes and evolution of serious games, the industry that is shaping the future of training and education.

It is Sindrax’s popular edutainment game – Kids STEM Lab that wins the Gold Medal Award in the Preschool STEM category.

Kids STEM Lab is a multi-touch education game that allows kids to freely create structures that guide the flow of water or balls to generate different effects. Targeted to children ages 3-8, the game consists of 9 multiplayer STEM game themes and designed based on unstructured learning theory.

In fact, Kids STEM Lab is not only a wall game. Its advantage is letting kids take part in the process of creating in order to develop all aspects of kid’s brain through self-discovery and enhance kids’ creativities and hands-on skills.

Kids STEM Lab is a product of “Sindrax Intelligent Gamified Educational Solution”. The whole solution integrates Intel end –to-end solution. “Sindrax Intelligent Gamified Educational Solution” combines natural human-computer interaction technology to provide digital interactive gamified educational products for children aged 2-8 in kindergartens, early-education institutions, kids museums, kids retail stores, kids-friendly restaurants and so on.

The products are equipped with Intel® Core™ processors to ensure the smooth display of interactive content and improve screen performance. The powerful background management capabilities of Intel® Core™ processors can easily manage devices, content and data in various scenarios. It helps offline child-serving institutions to create an “interactive experience + data-driven” intelligent gamified learning space.

Different from most of the products in the market, Sindrax Technology truly integrates “intelligent gamification + children’s education” in all-around depth. Sindrax uses digital technology to promote the exploration of children’s education. The award affirmed the achievement of Sindrax in function innovation, product quality and other aspects.

In the future, Sindrax Technology will continue to make efforts to increase the research of gamified education and to promote education development with technology. Sindrax will provide more intelligent gamified educational products that are suitable for children and full of edutainment and fun, and  promote the healthy development of the game industry.

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