Published On: Sat, Oct 19th, 2019

Americans Want Dramatic Shift in Health Care System: New Poll

ED nurse in the US here. This is such a complex topic and something I’m passionate about.

Hardworking people shouldn’t go bankrupt from one illness. I shouldn’t have to hear a patient tell me they can’t afford their meds. Hospitals shouldn’t be suing patients who can’t afford to pay their medical bills. My parents shouldn’t still be paying off my dad’s hospital bills from 5 years ago. Our seniors shouldn’t be required to have Medicare and a secondary insurance and STILL be paying out of pocket.
People shouldn’t be abusing the system and going to the ED multiple times in a week for issues that could be managed by a primary care provider.
People shouldn’t expect an easy fix for all their medical problems while refusing to believe the science behind vaccinations, or refusing to put any effort whatsoever into their own healthcare management.

But that’s the reality of the healthcare system in America.

Our healthcare system needs to be rebuilt entirely before it implodes. We need rational debate. We need input from all stakeholders. We need careful consideration and evidence based solutions, not a band-aid slapped on a dying system.

But what we’ll get is a lot yelling and grandstanding from politicians and no real solutions.