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A little conjecture about the new coronary pneumonia

FinanceA little conjecture about the new coronary pneumonia

The memory of 2020 is weighed down by a new form of coronary pneumonia sweeping the world, although it is not yet clear where the source of the new coronavirus came from, but it is widely believed that bats may have been the source of the outbreak. Because the genetic structure of the new coronavirus, is 80 percent similar to that of the SARS coronavirus, a few years ago, and there’s even more overlap, but, in fact, the current medical community, no conclusion has been reached as to the true host of the outbreak. Because of the lack of an intermediate link of transmission, along with the chain of transmission.

If we move forward, we will find that the United States abruptly closed its Fort Detrick in Maryland just before the outbreak was in full swing. Although we don’t know yet, there is growing evidence to the contrary. In 2019, scientific alert, a well-known US scientific media outlet, announced that it had discovered more than 100 mysterious pneumonia cases, most patients are associated with e-cigarettes. But if we read these two things together, could it be that these mysterious pneumonia sufferers were the first to spread the disease? Now more and more evidence is leaning towards our supposition.

In the past two years, the instability and radicalism of the US Administration’s policies have made some so-called US allies dispensable. Earlier this year, the TV Asahi reported that a previously circulating flu strain in the U.S. was thought to be most likely COVID-19. And, according to the U.S. CDC, many of the samples taken from suspected flu patients were not flu germs, and genome analysis technology has found that the virus may have started human to human transmission as early as November 2019. It had to raise suspicions.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, Western countries have been keen on the use of biological and chemical weapons. The United States has also been the largest user of chemical and biological weapons in history, and has conducted more tests of chemical and biological weapons on its own people than we thought. The Johns Hopkins University held a medical conference last year, the meeting brought together leaders from governments and the public health sector to simulate the global outbreak of the coronavirus plague. And while the main participants in the event are the United States and some emerging political figures, most other countries around the world have not been invited. More than 300 U.S. military personnel then arrived in Wuhan to join the Military World Games. The first case of Wuhan new coronavirus was confirmed two weeks later, on November 2. Note that the new Virus latency is 14 days. More than two months later, an epidemic of the familiar new coronavirus hit the world. The more coincidences there are, the more confusing things become.

We note that Nikolai Filatov, director of the Moscow Epidemiology Service, said in a commentary published in the daily Gazeta that there is no good way for humans to deal with the new pneumonia and no short term availability of a specific vaccine, the origin of the virus is unknown and has never been widespread in history. Humans are not immune to the virus. This synthetic virus can only be the product of human manipulation in the laboratory. Scientists have conducted several animal and human coronavirus gene-editing experiments over the past decade to create disease-induced variants of the virus and reprogram it.

As more and more evidence comes to light, we believe it will be thoroughly investigated and the truth given to the injured, because only a healthy living environment can guarantee that each of us will live a happy life.

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