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1Sol, the native Cross-Chain DEX Aggregator on Solana, brings together liquidity from both DeFi and CeFi for multi-chains

Press Release1Sol, the native Cross-Chain DEX Aggregator on Solana, brings together liquidity from both DeFi and CeFi for multi-chains is developed as a cross-chain DEX aggregator specifically on Solana,born to bring together liquidity from both DeFi and CeFi (swap, order book, DEX, OTC, etc.) for multi-chains. It utilizes a peer-to-peer network for sharing orders, pulls data, and efficiently routes orders across all the available liquidity sources.

1Sol, the native Cross-Chain DEX Aggregator on Solana, brings together liquidity from both DeFi and CeFi for multi-chains

1Sol has the ability to find the most cost-efficient pathway among different DEXs. Through optimizing slippage, swapping fees and token prices and executing trade orders automatically, it helps users carry out more possibly profitable trading.

1Sol is more efficient than any manual checking, and it enables complex trading routes and pathways with lower gas fee spent on Solana. Leveraging 1Sol Smart Calculator based on enhanced Dijkstra algorithm, the best swapping path is mapped out among multiple swaps, DeFi/CeFi and OTC markets.

Solana, the biggest competitor of Ethereum, supports multiple decentralized financial operations, permitting users to exchange tokens and other digital assets. Solana’s advantages include high speed, low cost and censorship-resistant, providing more possibilities for trading operations.

Solana has become the world’s seventh largest cryptocurrency recently (as of September 7, 2021). The need for DEX aggregator on Solana blockchain will grow exponentially alongside with the Solana DEX trading volume. Therefore, a cross-chain DEX/DeFi aggregator will bring great benefit for prospering Solana ecosystem. aims at serving as the go-to trading portal for trading on Solana by ensuring a seamless, efficient and secure trading experience. Each user will be provided with a full package of information on prices, slippage and costs of all DEXs to pinpoint the most cost-effective deal based on cross-chain aggregation.

1Sol builds on the development work of DEXs and aggregators that came before and leverages new multi-chain network architecture to pool liquidity. Solana has the fastest transaction speed, which provides 1 Sol with the natural advantage as a cross-chain DEX aggregator. 1Sol acquires swap rates from DEXs on the fastest blockchain and trade on DEXs on the slowest blockchain.

1Sol utilizes intelligent algorithms, enables users to trade across different blockchain ecosystems, offering greater liquidity, asset variety, trading volumes, and expanding the available market to the decentralized finance space.

The native token of 1Sol Protocol is 1SOL, which will be distributed on Ethereum at the first stage. After the main net is launched on Solana, the bridge between Ethereum and Solana will enable its cross-chain feature in near future.

The utility token 1SOL will incentivize governance participation, secure funds for ecosystem development and stake for security by serving network needs. And the participation in Cross-Chain liquidity protocol governance will be highly rewarded.

  • Farming: 1Sol token liquidity pools and yield farming features
  • Discount: Decreasing transaction fee and cross-chain loss
  • Governance: Voting for swaps and markets to be aggregated or terminated

By combining the parts splitting and pathfinding algorithms, 1SOL can save users a lot of money. 1Sol will share the savings with the users, the exact percentage and sharing scheme will be decided by 1SOL token holders through voting. is currently in main net, with a community of 180k members. Starting with the aggregation of top Solana DeFi projects (Raydium, Serum, Saber and Orca aggregated), 1Sol aims to be the fastest and most comprehensive DeFi aggregator in the marketplace.

Early supporters of 1Sol Protocol include Solana Capital, NGC Ventures, Axia8 Ventures, Bitscale Capital, etc.


2021 Q3: Launch DEX aggregator MVP on test net and official website;

2021 Q4: Launch main net, Integrate with top swaps, deploy cross-chain aggregators on ETH, Polkadot, etc.;

2022 Q1: Extend to multi-swaps, upgrade to v2 algorithm, cross-chain liquidity & bridge.







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