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10 Best Jeans for Big Butts: Levi’s, NYDJ, Paige, and More

Fashion10 Best Jeans for Big Butts: Levi’s, NYDJ, Paige, and More

There is no denying the figure-flattering power of a really good pair of jeans, but when it comes to just which parts of your figure they flatter—not all denim is created equal. Brands have come a long way in personalizing fits and fabrics to provide jeans that work on a multitude of body types (hello, Lycra!), but whenever the time comes to get a new pair, every woman knows that tiny pit of dread, wondering if the zip will zip, if the button will button. It’s a bond we share, for better or worse. For some women though—those of us gifted with especially glorious derrieres—finding jeans that fit well can be a challenge.

Not that we really needed further evidence, since Amy Schumer declared 2015 the year of the butt (in so many words), it’s become increasingly clear that our jeans need to do way more than simply contain our ample posteriors. They need to make them look amazing, too. Like, Kim Kardashian-level amazing.

From lounging around your house on a casual Sunday (boyfriend jeans) to date night on a Thursday (high-waist flares), there’s a perfect (and butt-benefitting) pair of denim to suit the multitudes of occasions on which you might need them. When it comes to actually shopping for your jeans though, the process can seem daunting. So, in an attempt to help you find your perfect, traffic-stopping pair of jeans, we scoured the market and pulled together a selection of the best jeans out there for woman with a bit more junk in the trunk. (Lucky you!)

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Shop our guide to the best jeans for woman with bigger butts below. 

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